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Transcend Your Story

I have listened to some of the most amazing podcasts lately, this being one of them. Listen and share your thoughts, please. Zach Bush talks about the boxes that we create that we think define our Self, and how we need to look very deep inside our Selves to nd our Divine Connectedness to absolutely everything in the universe. He also talks about suffering, and how we project our own inability to see the deeper Connectedness onto those who we think are ‘suffering’, trying to hold onto our idea of them. He gives some brilliant illustrations of our need to transcend and transform our limited thinking, especially around who we think we are.

This is closely linked to another podcast that I will also share, challenging the concept of “truth” and our relation to the so-called “truth”. What is the “truth” that we hold about our Selves? How are we de ned – by what/whom are our perceptions of self-determined? Tom Kitwood talked about our “personhood”. According to Kitwood (1997), personhood is “a standing or status that is bestowed upon one human being, by others, it implies recognition, respect and trust.”

So our personhood is determined by others? Where is our Agency? How self-determined are we in a world where we are constantly being told how we should be, act, talk, walk, and think? Do we even have freedom of thought – never mind freedom of speech? It is time for us to radically rethink who we are, what drives us, who informs us, what moulds us and what impact we have on the world.

“The biggest problem we all face is the story that we tell ourselves of what our lives have been. It’s keeping us in a box. The ‘cubicle’ you’re really living in is your story.”

Zach Bush, MD

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