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The Unique Experience Of Living With Dementia

If you have met one person living with dementia, you have only met one person living with dementia. No two people’s experience of neuro-cognitive impairment is the same. We are all individuals with unique social backgrounds, personalities, belief systems and physiologies that impact our being in the world. As eco-bio-psycho-socio-spiritual beings, we are so much more than just a “syndrome” or a “disease”.

The more we change the disease discourse, the more people living with different abilities will have agency. The more we focus on the domains of well-being the more people will be empowered to live full lives – identity, connectedness, autonomy, joy, security, growth and meaning are the attributes that define a life worth living. (The Eden Alternative South Africa). We need new definitions and a new vocabulary in order to engage in a new discourse. Let’s start today!

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