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Russell Brand interviews Carlo Rovelli (theoretical physicist) on the nature of reality. It seems apt for our understanding of, amongst other things, people living with dementia. In terms of quantum physics, we now know that reality is made by interactions. We are becoming through our interactions with each other, our environment, our thoughts and our being-in-the-world. We only understand things in terms of how they interact with each other – as we can only truly understand ourselves through our interactions with other people. Ubuntu – “I am because of you”.

We have this idea that the world is made of objects. This is wrong. Even within the most elementary structures – or indeed elements themselves – only exist in how they interact with other objects or elements. “The world is made by relations”. We exist only in relation to other beings and things and objects, as part of a complex network. Reality is thus far more complex than what we would like to think it is. The relativity of being – we are in relation to each other, making it all relative in a way. I hope that makes sense – it is quite simple, yet profoundly complex.

When we look at ourselves as individuals, we are not individuals at all, but a result or a manifestation of an interaction. This is the mystery that lies behind and beyond our Being. We reflect (and deflect) each other, we shine as a reflection of that great Energy, which in itself also cannot be Energy if not for us.

The notion of independence is what pulls us apart, this quest for individuality and so-called freedom is like trying to split an atom, it causes immeasurable chaos. Somehow, we got it all wrong. Our aim should be to connect, to see and acknowledge that we are only a reflection within a cosmos of light, moments of articulation in a complex rhizomatic universe.

Sadly we often only see “objects” or labels. If we bear in mind this theory of quantum physics or relativity, we will Know the difference between the outer reflection and the inner Being. We will see ourselves in every reflection, we will learn, and become in the light that is reflected. Then, and only then will we understand what is meant by “be still and know that I am God”.

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