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Let it be…

Yesterday I wrote about my friend who has cancer and has been given a few months to live. We often spoke about how people worry about the future, fuss about things and get themselves all tangled up in stress. Her words are always “So this is what we do on a Tuesday at 14h00”. There is nothing more or nothing less than this moment, and being in it fully.

So many times when we are together I would be brought back through this powerful reminder, this is it. The now. The here. This moment of being together. We can get completely lost and distracted by the “what if’s”. I am sure that the thoughts of more chemo or uid on her lungs must be terrifying and could send her into a complete panic. Yet, we share this perfect moment of sitting in a restaurant, feeling good NOW in each other’s company, enjoying a meal and (too much?) wine. Another lesson was the “Why don’tya” one. We are so often quick to jump into advice mode – “Why don’tya try this or that?”. My friend always stopped me in my tracks, making me aware of easily I start giving (unasked for) advice…

I am privileged to be able to share this here. Please don’t sympathize or feel sorry for me, I am the fortunate one here! As for my friend, she would hate to have people feel sorry for her. This is how it is on a Thursday morning at 08h51. For me, I am learning to think about my own mortality. I walk the labyrinth each morning in gratitude – I am 54 with both parents alive, I have a wonderful relationship with them, I am blessed to live in beautiful Hout Bay, I am blessed to be studying and surrounded by friends, I have found the batteries for an old watch which now works again, the sun is out. This life, this moment, our connections, and my knowing that everyone is Divinely Connected, makes me eternally grateful.

Today is the 93rd birthday of another dear friend – yesterday we celebrated with her. She was beaming with love and light surrounded by old friends. Life is so incredibly precious. Live it. Don’t feel sorry for me, I am so happy to be on this path with friends who teach me about Life.

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