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The Silence

This silence of the early morning is almost eerie with no traffic hum filling the atmosphere. We have now officially gone into lockdown. The amount of work behind the scenes to orchestrate this has been massive. Protocols, operating procedures, policies and guidelines. And yet, we have no idea what to expect…

The GERATEC employees have been more than positive. They really have been going out of their way to keep things as “normal” as possible to not disrupt the routine of the homes for the residents. It is early days, energies are high. I am worried about how this will play out. Somehow it feels a bit like a Big Brother television series – a group of unlikely people locked up together for 21 days.

The group dynamics, stress levels, irritation levels, energy levels and different personalities are bound to make for an interesting time. I nd it incredible that employees send ME messages of support – as if I am at the front line! There is a strong feeling of solidarity, of taking ownership and support going through all the units.

Of course, the fact that the first two people died on day one of the lockdown is significant. Somehow, for me, it is a relief that they were not older people, bizarre as that might sound. On the other hand, I am sure it creates more anxiety amongst our employees if anyone thinks that they are somehow immune. We are all vulnerable. Being at the frontline, working directly with older and frail people must create an even bigger sense of distress for our employees.

We have no idea how this will play out. I know that we have done everything in our power, even if some people told us that we were “overreacting”. Now we must get through each day. Courage. Wisdom. Resilience. Innovation. Compassion. And a sense of humour. Good ingredients to take on the journey.

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